Hayden Soloviev

Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman

Hayden Soloviev is the Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of the Soloviev American Russian Cultural Foundation, as well as the Vice-Chairman of the Soloviev Group, the holding company for several business interests owned by his father, Stefan Soloviev. These businesses encompass divisions that include but are not limited to, Realty & Development, Hospitality, Transportation & Railroad, and Agriculture & Ranching.

Mr. Soloviev has worked for the New York based company since 2018 and became Vice Chairman in 2021.

Hayden Soloviev applies his extensive knowledge of and admiration for Russian culture and history to help remind Americans and global audiences of all ages about the rich and robust history of cultural relations that the two countries share. Under his stewardship, and with a particular focus on younger generations, the Foundation will honor this common past, help reinforce the importance of cultural bridge building, and work towards achieving a more peaceful future.