Stefan Soloviev

Founder and Chairman

Stefan Soloviev is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Soloviev American Russian Cultural Foundation. He is also Chairman of the Soloviev Group, a holding company for several business interests operated by Stefan Soloviev, who previously was President of The Solow Building Company and is the son of its late founder Sheldon Solow. The Soloviev Group encompasses divisions that include, but are not limited to, Realty and Development, in addition to Hospitality, Transportation & Railroad, and Agriculture & Ranching divisions.

Mr. Soloviev is also the Founder of Crossroads Agriculture, a large-scale integrated farming and ranching operation based in Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico, which he spent the past twenty years growing into one of the country’s largest privately held agribusinesses. Mr. Soloviev is the 31st-largest landowner in the United States.

Through the Soloviev Foundation, Mr. Soloviev utilizes his special familial connections, admiration for Russia and fascination with its history to help remind Americans of all ages about the rich and often unseen connections which the United States shares with Russia. Under Stefan’s leadership, the Foundation endeavors to reinforce the importance of building and strengthening cultural bridges, and to help generate a greater understanding and mutual respect between our nations through enriched dialogue and creative cultural engagement.