Russian Film Week

December 6, 2019

About the event

The Russian film industry has been making movies for more than a century and has produced some classic works reflecting the various periods of Russian political history. Over the past 20 years Russian productions have become internationally popular, have been recognized at the Cannes, Venice, and Berlin Film Festivals, and have received several Oscars. Today, there are some 400 film companies operating in Russia, and the artistry of a number of Russian directors and screen writers is being displayed throughout the world, including the United States.

Russian Film Week in New York (RFWNY) is an exciting and popular film festival that helps promote cultural understanding through the universal language of film. Co-sponsored by the Soloviev Foundation in 2019, RFWNY provides American audiences with a more authentic understanding of Russian culture and history by showcasing independent, commercial, documentary and arthouse Russian films with subtitles to mainstream U.S. audiences.

Supporting the Russian Film Week Festival’s mission dovetails with the Soloviev Foundation’s focus on building stronger cultural bridges between the United States and Russia, and generating greater understanding and mutual respect through creative engagement and educational programming.

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